21 day Natural Cleanse

Diet & Detox Program

Love yourself more this year!

As we look forward to the New Year, I would love for you to join me in my personal quest.

A quest to deep cleaning our 'real homes' by ridding the body of built-up toxins and giving the digestive system a much needed break from the long year gone by, not to mention any partying we might have indulged in.

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For everyone who feels the need to recharge and renew, I am offering my popular 21 day purification program  that I also call The Indulgence diet. My guiding principle for this plan is to fuel and nourish our bodies with nature's energy. Energy from wholesome foods, fruits and vegetables in their least processed forms. 

Our body is an incredible mechanism which needs proper nutrients to run at its optimal levels and this program is designed to fill you with the most natural and best possible ingredients that rejuvenates our bodies through superior nourishment. 

Possible weight loss of 3-5 kilos is an added bonus for many, though not a goal by itself. And 21 days is a short-easy-to-achieve goal that will give you a solid chance to see positive effects on you bodily health and inner wellbeing as well.

With each Cleanse programs that I have supervised or undergone over the last few decades weather in the US, Canada, Europe or India, I learned better ways to not make it about starvation or deprivation and indeed only make it about feeling great about the detox process.

Now, I have made it extra easy for you to follow my plan. For 21 days, you need not worry about food. Yes, AT ALL! We have a meticulously curated selection of foods and drinks - chosen for taste and nourishment - to conveniently reach your doorsteps every day!

Given the freshly made foods we make on a daily basis, the 21-day Natural Cleanse for now is offered only within delivery distance from our Studio. for those of you living physically far away from us, please drop in a message here and we will 

Hope you will love the program as much as I enjoy offering the same.


Sridevi Jasti

Below is a typical day's routine.

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Wheatgrass shot

Wake up drink, after water.

A freshly squeezed wheat grass shot to start every one the 21 days with.

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20 mins after wheatgrass shot.

Great tasting organic smoothies enriched with superfoods and or probiotics.

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30 mins to 1 Hr after smoothie..

Traditional yet interestingly exotic dishes like chia seed pudding, millet pullattu, black rice & lentil sweet porridge etc.

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2 to 3 hours after breakfast.

A unique and  truly balanced meal every day - created keeping science, art and your heart in our minds!

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2 to 3 hours after lunch.. 

Highly cleansing organic, slow-pressed vegetable juices which are crucial to this program.

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2 to 3 hours before bed.

A unique and  truly balanced meal for every evening to keep you satiated, yet not too full, helping a good night's sleep.

That's not all!

What's a detox without a few days of special liquids only diet? :) At the start of your program, you will have a 15 minutes of personal consultation with Sridevi over phone to understand your needs and customise the juice fasting plan that is a part of the 21 day program.

You can either 'not' choose to have it, or as is most common with most of our users, you can choose to have it any where from one day to four  or even five days. This juice fast is included in the plan at no extra cost. 

And that's not all either. Besides an optional; body scrub kit with instruction, you can also get the specially concocted set of herbal tea mixtures to have at your discretion during the day. 

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Juice Fasting

Some time during this three week plan, based on your constitution and other health conditions if any,  

You can choose to go on an exclusive Juice Fasting under direct guidance at no extra charges.

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Special Teas

Nothing is more relaxing and self loving than having a calming cup of warm herbal tea during a mindful diet & cleanse phase.

Meticulously sourced and blended herbs chosen for their healing and cleansing properties are included at no extra-cost.

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Scrubbing Kit

A body brush made of natural materials to help gently exfoliate the skin and a set of blended oils for external application.

The optional scrubbing kit with instructions is charged extra and can be included at your discretion.


Er, 21 days from start to end! :)


1. Fill the form,

2. Talk to our Service experts for understanding the program after which you will get a payment link for the payment.

2. Get a call and schedule the first consult with Sridevi, our holistic nutritionist for understanding your needs and customising the inclusion and number of juice fasting days.

3. Have the daily menu delivered to you at your doorstep.

No. Eat when you're hungry. Just try to stick to a routine schedule, including your sleep. 

Can I exercise during this diet?

Yes, as long as it is mild. Mild means less than 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

Just call or message us at the number above. 

1000s of satisfied clients  over decades have taken the help of our 21-day Natural Cleanse Program.

Get yours now, and have an fantastic year ahead.

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