Gourmet Vada Pav
Today's Breakfast

All love & no frying...

How about the quintessentially Marathi Wada Pav for breakfast today? But instead of the old maida bun - you have a fluffy buckwheat bread soft as a cloud, spread with green chutney. 

And instead of the deep fried potato cutlet, you have a gently steamed mashed potato mixed with select spices subtle enough for breaking fast. I haven’t yet met a Mumbaikar who didn’t love this deliciously healthy option. 

Don’t forget the probiotic Rich strawberry lassi on the side, which is a perfect accompaniment both for taste & nutrition. 

Oh and don't you forget the fresh Coleslaw along with your breakfast . Thought to be a dutch native, & popular across Europe and North America, Coleslaw is a perfect accompaniment with sandwiches and such.

We made yours today with naturally grown cabbage, carrot - sliced and mixed along with apple cider vinegar and our own in-house vegan cheese, besides a sprinkling of dill & black pepper.

Hope you enjoyed this plant based creation by our Chef in Chief & Holistic Nutritionist Sridevi J.

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