Snack Happy & Healthy! Tasty & Healthy Snacks to Start the New Year Right!

Let’s be real, we all snack and let’s question ourselves that, are we snacking healthy? Actually, snacking is not bad for us if we do it in moderation also with healthy choices. There were times when people used to fulfill the daily food requirements with locally available organic options. The modern-day eating habits have made us compulsive and we are comforting ourselves in the endless supply of food items. Today, we could get literally anything to eat within the shortest of time. And we have gradually adjusted to this snacking phenomenon. Full time, proper meals have given way to shorter and continuous consumption of snacks as well as fast-produced foods. All are opting for ready-to-eat snacks that include no preparation eventually have dismal nutritional value. Thankfully, we have got numerous organic food stores that have been supplying healthy food online and offline as well. Organic health food stores are offering a quite wide variety of organic foods that can be enjoyed by everyone with no guilt. Food from organic health food stores guarantee nutrition and helps you to makeover a healthy lifestyle.

With the coming of the new year, many people are busy making resolutions and setting goals for eating healthy, losing weight, and living a healthier lifestyle. While some people are jumping into a new workout routine, whereas others are searching for various dietary changes that are needed to aid them to meet their health goals. One of the main resolutions that should be included in your list is about healthy snacking. Most of us experience hunger pangs, snack cravings, and we look for some delicious tidbits to satisfy them. 

Usually, we munch on easily available sugar-loaded, heavily processed, fat preservative snacks. Such snacks would be tasty on lips but heavy on hips, also such snacking habits will lead to several health issues. But with healthy and mindful snacking we can avoid those health problems. Most people think that healthy ones don’t taste good but having healthy yet delicious snacks would be possible with some interesting snack creations. As the leading organic food store in Hyderabad, Vibrant Living Foods come up with a wide range of scrumptious and uber-healthy snack creations, and other gourmet food from multiple cuisines.

If you want to switch to healthy snacking, maybe you are trying to reduce your sugar intake but you fall for sweet treats or perhaps you don’t have much of a sweet tooth and want something new to snack on! 

Hey, we hear you, at Vibrant Living, we believe people should be empowered to relish whatever keeps them satisfied and energized while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Let’s dive into our list of various healthy snacks ranging from grab-n-go sweet options to savoury snacks that you can munch on guilt-free. 

Organic Nuts and Dry Fruits 

Organic Nuts and dry fruits are the most nutritious & versatile superfoods that are touted for several health benefits and various culinary uses. They can make a  super healthy snack option that is packed with all the essential nutrients like fiber, protein, zinc, calcium, antioxidants, and more. Vibrant Living offers an unbeatable quality organic nuts and dry fruits with interesting combinations added with a healthy twist to each and every food treat. These delicious crunchies not only charge you up but also bestow numerous health benefits. We are one of the eminent organic food stores in Hyderabad and certified gourmet food supplier, where our large variety of delectables include snacks, drinks, spreads, dips, we offer finger-licking, filling yet nutritious organic meals from various cuisines, desserts, groceries, and much more. Once you taste our organic meals, you will be wanting them more and more. Simply, one-stop that supports all your healthy lifestyle makeover needs, shop an awesome range of organic snacks in Hyderabad also anywhere from India.


High in protein and healthy fats, seeds are healthy savoury snacks that are perfect to pick-you-up. It is always recommended that keep some nutty and little tidbits of seeds handy for the sake of having something more healthy and substantial for you. 

Organic Chikki Bars 

Are you someone who is always on the go? Then these organic chikki bars are full of goodness and would be perfect to munch on any time. These gooey and chewy bites are made with organic nuts and dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, dates, seeds, and naturally sweetened with jaggery. A storehouse of nutrients also possessing health-boosting properties. 

All our vegan food pleasures are 

  1. Sugar-free

  2. Dairy-free 

  3. Additive & Preservative-free

  4. Artificial flavour-free

  5. Gluten-free 

  6. Vegan 

  7. Organic

Chips and Crackers

Coconut chips/arcs from Vibrant Living are very popular for its fresh crisp taste and its goodness. With supplying organic snacks in Hyderabad and all over the country, we maintain the highest quality and freshness in our ingredients. They are made with a touch of molasses and later sun-dried to get the perfect crispness to enjoy all through the day. Great way to absorb the goodness of coconut and its oil.

Talking about crackers, they are unique crunchies that are blended with the flax seeds, dried vegetables, and varied organic herbs and spices. They are a very delicious and nutritious twist to your conventional chips and other savoury snacks. Much like chips, crackers are an awesome combo for your veggies and healthy dips. In addition to that, you can make mini-sandwiches consisting of crackers, other stuffing if you are in search of something more substantial. 

Our crunchy sun-dried tomato crackers capture the goodness of sun-dried and spiced organic tomatoes added with the almonds, flax seeds, dried vegetables, and various spices that further gives a delicious twist, texture to this delicious mix. 

Organic Nut & Lentil Namkeen Mix

Stock up on this healthy and super tasty nuts and seeds Namkeen Mix topped with organic herbs to satisfy your sudden hunger pangs! Savour this signature snack of namkeen mix, that is perfect munch on snacks for everyone. It is completely cholesterol-free, contains no sugar, no fat and as well as protein-rich. You can replace your usual fried and calorie-packed munchies with this non-fried Namkeen Mix!

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