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Picture this. Deliciously healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners - conceptualized by our in-house gourmet chef who also happens to be a celebrated nutritionist - delivered to your doorstep every day. We call it Art!

Holistic, carefully balanced meals using naturally grown, seasonally fresh produce and staples sourced from the best of natural farms around Hyderabad and across the country. 

Gift yourself a good time with this food and see the difference yourself. Scroll through to sign-up for yours! Delivered only within 10 km radius of Vibrant Living Deli & Café in Raidurg, Hyderabad .

What's being Served!

Designed & Curated by Sridevi Jasti

These are some of the meals that have been served specially for our meal delivery plans. Some of them are even available at our in-house Café which you are welcome to checkout. Please see the attached menu to see a typical week's schedule.

- Sample Weekly Menu

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Fill up the form at the bottom of this page, and you will be contacted by our Service Manager to schedule an appointment with our gourmet Chef-in-cheif Sridevi Jasti. 

Following a discussion with her, you will be suggested a customized plan, based on which you will be given a final meal plan.

All our meals are made fresh daily and are shipped immediately after preparation. Our meal plans are served within 8 kilometer's of radius from the Vibrant Living Deli & Café at Raidurg, Hyderabad. If you live further away within Hyderabad, please drop a form and we will try to see if we can make any special accommodations.

Please scroll through the images at the top of this page or you are welcome to walk-into our café to learn more.

Once you go through the information on these pages and make up your mind on a weekly, daily or monthly plan, you will have the option to plan your own combinations of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, juices, smoothies etc. individually or all together.

The average  meal includes an entrée plus drink or dessert and is rounded off to 375 inclusive of taxes and delivery charges. And no, we don't do discounts. Why? Because these are high quality gourmet meals that are planned weeks if not months including the logistics and sourcing.

One Meal a day Two Meals a day Three meals a day
One Week Plan ₹2625/- ₹5250/- ₹7875/-
One Fortnight Plan ₹5625/- ₹10688/- ₹16031/-
One Month Plan ₹10688/- ₹20250/- ₹30375/-

Incl. Discounts & Taxes Incl. Discounts & Taxes Incl. Discounts & Taxes

The minimum subscription period is one week, but we highly recommend the Fortnight plan to experience the full benefits of natural vegan food.

If we know your cancellation plans a minimum of  three working days in advance, we can adjust deliveries to subsequent days.

Ingredients - Like every thing that comes from our kitchens, Vibrant Living uses diligently sourced, fresh and premium quality ingredients for making our daily meals. To state the obvious - We do not use any chemicals,  preservatives or any other  artificial ingredients. Staying true to its philosophy, Vibrant Living uses only vegan and naturally sourced ingredients.  

Process - All meals are created within our kitchen by trained chefs using the best of practices and the process is supervised and certified by professional consultants periodically. This is apart from daily hygiene checks and regular health screenings for all the staff. 

Packaging - All the meals are packaged and shipped soon  after cooking. We use recyclable material for packaging to furthest extent possible.

The concept behind our subscription meals is to have you eat a wholesome, filling meal every time, So, it includes a combination of entrées, snacks and desserts. The creative cuisine is based on a nearly ten year experience of serving clients across Hyderabad. It includes many best practices and traditions of Indian and European traditions. Some people call it the Vibrant version of a fusion cuisine, but we like to call it the future cuisine.

No. The daily meals including the drinks are juices are suitable for every healthy adult or even those with moderately chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc.

Yes, you can keep doing moderate exercise regularly while living on these meals accompanied with other fresh foods. If you intend to do muscle building or are into 'extreme/drastic' weight loss endeavors - this meal plan is not for you. :)

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One Week


Per meal onwards
  • Choose between one, two or three meals a day
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  • Select combinations

Two Weeks


Per meal onwards
  • Chose between one, two or three meals a day
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  • Selected customizations

One Month


Per meal onwards
  • Chose between one, two or three meals a day
    • Includes one 10 minute Consultations
  • Personalized customizations

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